Additional Information

  • July 1999. Official legal formation of the CPDA.
  • May 2000. Guest Speaker at Alternative Hull Coatings Symposium.
  • June 2001. Produced first BMP certification class.
  • Sept 2001. Produced second BMP certification class.
  • Nov 2001. Guest speakers @ Marina Recreation Association in Las Vegas
  • Jan 2002. Published contributers to California Coastal Commission Clean Marina Guide.
  • March 2002. Produced third BMP certification class.
  • May 2002. Produced first in-water Alternative Hull Coatings demonstration covered by KUSI TV.
  • June 2002. Became a voting member of The Senate Bill 315 Committee for Environmentally Superior Hull Coatings.
  • March 2003. Produced fourth BMP certification class with participants from Dana Point, Marina Del Rey and San Francisco.
  • June 2003. Gave public comment at the Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting concerning Marinas NPDS permit process.
  • July 2003. Responsible for altering the recent TMDL report which erroneously identified hull cleaning as contributing over 40% to copper pollution.
  • Sept 2003. Produced fifth BMP certification class in partnership with Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation in Marina Del Rey.
  • Nov 2003. Produced Sixth BMP certification class at Sunroad Resort and Marina in San Diego.
  • May 2004. Produced seventh BMP certification class at South Western Yacht Club in San Diego.
  • 2005. Performed in-water efficacy studies on zinc-omadine products for E-Paint, EP2000, and EPZO.
  • 2005. Produced a BMP certification class for Santa Barbara Harbor Police and professional hull cleaners.
  • 2006. Performed efficacy study for biocide free coating for Creative Coatings Corporation in San Diego.
  • 2007. Produce a second BMP certification class for Santa Barbara Harbor Police and professional hull cleaners.
  • 2008. CPDA holds BMP class in Shelter Island.
  • 2009. CPDA holds third BMP class in Santa Barbara.
  • 2009. CPDA holds first BMP class in San Francisco.
  • 2010. CPDA holds BMP Class at San Diego Yacht Club sponsored by Interlux Paint manufacturers.
  • 2010. CPDA holds second BMP class in Orange County funded by the City of Newport Beach and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation.
  • 2011. CPDA works with San Diego Port Authority to foster in new local BMP’s addressing Shelter Island TMDL.
  • 2011. CPDA holds an open forum divers meeting to produce local BMP’s addressing local marinas and boatyards hull cleaning proposals.